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Enjoy Your Holidays To The Fullest!

For most working individuals, holiday is always looked forward to. In fact, everybody loves holiday. We want holiday - not just holiday, but holiday + s as many as possible. It gives us rest and relief from our hectic schedules, provides time to get together with family members, can go jalan2/cuti2 Malaysia...the list goes on. Unfortunately, not all get the same quantity of holiday. Some even hardly get any. Teachers and students especially should be the most grateful ones because without the need to face the sometimes-very-fussy-boss/procedures of applying for a leave, what they desire is already granted. Like a gift receives from Santa Claus, November and December bring them a special gift of long holidays every year whom greatly envied by those belong to other professions. What a  privilege to have!

But to me, meaningful holiday has nothing to do with the number of holidays you have. In other words, it's not about how long or how short your holidays are but it's about how you spend the season. Sometimes, friends come to me and ask me "kau tidak boring (sepatutnya bored ba kan..:-) di rumah saja sepanjang masa ka Mie? ". Recently, my nieces who are now on school holidays came to me and complained "boring betul la cuti ni aunty...teda apa2 mau buat di rumah." Does anyone of you out there feel the same too? The first feeling of excitement for having long long vacation slowly fades away as there's nothing interesting things left to do now. You can only wait in hope that Christmas may come as soon as possible and the joy of it's celebration would soon override the 'boringness' you're feeling at the moment. Or worse still, you just live the day as it is without any expectation, anticipation, vision or plan for something better for the next few moments, days, months, years to come.

Honestly, every time when people ask me do I ever get bored being stuck at home all day long, I always get trapped in  between whether to answer yes or no. The problem is because my answer isn't a 'yes' as most people would expect to hear. The truth is this; I've always wanted to say a 'No, I don't. Never'  answer to the question but considering the arrogant tone of such  an extraordinary reply  so most times, I ended up giving the safest  response I can think of - "sometimes". Well, I wish I could be bold enough to tell the truth  for the sake of truth. Nothing else counts but the truth...hehe...

Okay, you may wonder how come I never get bored with my introverted life. Firstly, because I''ve already deleted the word of bored or anything similar from my life's dictionary since long time back. Therefore, it's influence on me has been ceasing ever since. Indeed, it has lost all it's sting and there's no way for it to harm me any longer. In short, bored (or whatever you call it) ) is a word and a  feeling  that seems like an alien to me now because it's been a long time since I last had it.

Secondly, because I have very interesting hobbies. I love learning very much. I love reading like crazy. I love writing a lot. I love giving motivational talk. I love giving counseling to friends too. I love so on and so point here is you must have a hobby/hobbies of your interests in order to live a wonderful life. Fill your boring days doing hobbies that you love doing. Enjoy doing them. Trust me I never get bored with my quiet life because every moment spent with my hobbies bring  me great contentment and satisfaction. Life is too short for me to live with boredom. In fact, I wish I had more than 24 hours a day so I could do more. Don't you?

Lastly, because I am a lady of vision and action. I have a few visions yet to achieve. I'm not going to reveal them here. No. Not yet. For now, it's enough to tell that to me no matter what happens along the journey of my life I never lose sight of my visions. These visions give me a strong sense of purpose and courage to live on. I also look at the ups and downs of life as adventurous and interesting  things to explore for learning. I anticipate each and every day as a mystery yet to experience, yet to unfold. Although I never know about tomorrows nor what will happen next the mystery of the unknown itself encourages me to strive all the more towards the goal of getting it unfolded. By having these ingredients mixed in my daily meals of life my appetite for an enthusiastic life increases. Hence, I'm bored-free

Friends, if you have been feeling bored for the last few days it's time to get rid of it. Start doing something interesting and worthwhile. Have a hobby. Have a vision. Have a purpose to live for. Learn something new. Invest your time and energy on it. Most of all, enjoy doing it. Let this holiday season become one of the most memorable times in your life not because of it's quantity but because of it's quality. Enjoy your holidays to the fullest with the highest quality of use you can best!

Have a blessed Christmas!

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Peace Beyond Understanding

The past four days, I was flooded by words of sympathy + encouragement from thoughtful friends in relation to one big event happening in someone else's life. I understand why they did that to me. Intentionally to console me. Empathically to tell me that I am not alone. That they understand my pain. Even share my grief. And I really appreciate it. But only a few able to contemplate the truth when I said, "I'm not sad. I've forgiven and forgotten all the hurt been done to me. I'm happy for that someone's happiness." Some raised their brows showing doubts whether or not I really meant it. Their non-verbal message was telling me "I doubt your sincerity. You are being unrealistic. You're hiding your true feelings." Maybe yes, maybe no. But one thing for sure, I'm perfectly peaceful and joyful within because Someone Greater than I is my confidence, whom I put all my trust. It's a peace beyond understanding. It's a joy beyond comprehension. It's a faith beyond the obvious - the truth and reality that I am holding to.

Therefore, I find no reason to be sad.

To whom it may concern, please apologize me for being so silent and been invisible for some time. It's nothing to do with things that had happened between us. It's just because I need to silence all the voices around me so that I can hear that soft and small voice from above more clearly. I'd rather have that 'small voice' speaking to me than anything. May the Lord bless you bountifully as you begin your new journey of life. Congrats to both of you.

To all my friends, thank you for your concerns. God bless everyone.

From Mimie with love.
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Letting Go of the "If Onlys"

I have 4 different topics on my mind right now. One of them is "Thursday" which is at the top of my list but don't know why I ended up writing for this topic instead. Maybe because I myself need to unleash some hidden "if onlys" that I've ignorantly stored up within me for so long. Or maybe because my mood was sort of influenced by this friend of mine who is so pathetically living her life with so many regrets that she keeps on saying "if only..." about this and that, all the time. Constantly listening to her irrational wishes, I was like "come on babe, it's not the end of the world yet. Stop messing up your life! Forget the past, live your life in the present. Life is too short to live with if onlys...better die with dignity than go on living in misery!"

Nevertheless, down deep inside my heart I realize that I do, at times, echo similar nonsense wishes as well. Although I don't consider myself as a chronic if onlys victim, it's worth all my effort to remove even the slightest trace of unhealthy regrets out of my life. Because I believe our ability to move on in life depends greatly on our success in letting go of regrets.

Friends, do you find yourself constantly regretting things that you should have done but you hadn't or things that you shouldn't have done but you had? If you do, then don't just ignore it. Treat it as a crucial warning to change your destructive mindset. Release your grip on the unchangeable past mistakes. Just think of them as a part of your development process to be a better you. They were there for a purpose. And whatever they were, dare to believe that all things always work together for good.

Rise up above your regrets. Let go of the if onlys. Say goodbye to them now. Because you are destined for greatness!
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Six Month of Length

Bila mood untuk berpuisi tiba...macam2 buli keluar :)

Six Month Of Length

Six month of length
There my broken heart lay
Very deeply pierced within
Wounded to heal no more

What is the meaning of life IF... soul refused to be comforted heart has ceased to ring a melody mind has lost its sanity strength has vanished to nothingness

Let the witch place a curse on that night
Erase it never to exist
Then I wouldn't have drunk from that cup of deception
Of folly and silliness of words
If only....

Could it be a blessing in disguise?
By all means indeed
For there is a rainbow after the rain
At the end of the six month of length

September 2010.

P/S: Life can only be understood looking backward, but it must be lived forward
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Starting Afresh

I know it's not the new year yet. It's only first of October. Still four months more to go to 2011. But I believe it's never too early neither too late to make new resolutions and start all over again. We can always have it now or then as long as we still have breath coming through our nostrils. As for me, I choose to mark today as my new beginning towards a more competitive attitude to struggle for what is ahead and press forward towards the goal to win the prize of the upward call.

In order for me to begin for a fresh new start, for a better one hopefully, I've found out that I need to get my "mind overhauled" daily which I never thought of being really needed before. I need to unlearn loads of unnecessary stuffs which are no longer relevant or are better to live without. How? These include having a certain period of peaceful getaway occasionally, separating or disconnecting or limiting my involvement with anything/anyone that do not support positive growth of my mind and forgiving and forgetting whatever grievances I have against another.

I know it wouldn't be easy to unlearn what we have learned for so long especially the negative ones. Trying to undo them is almost like attempting the impossible. But it's a must thing to do and we can only do it by the aid of a Higher Being, provided that we are willing to be obedient and teachable. Don't you wish to be naive again concerning evil things my friends? It's time to start afresh!

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Keep Going!

Hi rakan2 bloggers...I'm back!

Lama sungguh blog ini terbiar dan tidak sorry. Sudah lama ingin diupdate sebenarnya namun apakan daya, halangan tidak habis2 datang menghalang....well, the truth is I was very ill for many many weeks (months) and almost died but God had mercy on me to spare me sorrow upon sorrow...and here I am now, thankfully still alive and eager to press forward no matter what tragedy befalls me.

Someone said to me, "Life is what you make it and in order for it to count you must step forward and be all that you can be. You can't let trials and hardship stop you and get you down!". True enough...nothing in this world can stop us and get us down if we choose to keep our step forward, not backward neither remain idle! So, keep going forward people!

I've been reading a lot of books lately including those of Norman Vincent Peale's, a very inspiring motivator ever! Go and find his books yourself and see if you not gonna agree with me :D.

I still have a lot more to say here but my level of energy is still not so permissive...will write more as soon as I gain my total strength back.
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There's A Time For Everything..

Been very busy these days. Almost zero time for blogging and doing other less important things. Of course I do miss writing and sharing stories, ideas, news with friends on blogs, fbook etc but I just don't have the luxury of time to do all these activities for the time being. To make things worse, my celcom broadband line pun tersangatlah teruk :( ...hmmm...

I wish I have more time and energy to do many many more than what I can do now...anyway, whatever my or your wishes's always comforting to remember that there's always a time for everything...just keep going on and be patient!

See you guys. Take care.
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It's the MONTH OF LOVE usual I always love February (and of course January too). These are the months when I normally feel more energetic, full of enthusiasm and hopeful. I don't know why exactly but I guess it has to do with the consciousness that I'm at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of something new and I'm just excited about it. Hopefully this positive spirit of mine will remain with me towards the end of the year.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner...a day to 'extra' love one another. And me, 2 or 3 days from now I'll be moving to somewhere and therefore will be away for maybe 2 or 3 weeks if not months, not sure yet. Until everything is ok and I get my broadband ready, I won't be seeing you guys for some time. So before I go off, I've decided to share my thoughts again on love between two hearts (II), a continuation of my previous entry, Love Between Two Hearts (I).

Everyday I Love You (EILY)...yes, you're right. It's a title of a song by Boyzone, released maybe somewhere between late 90s and early millenium...can't remember when exactly but not a new song on the block for sure. I think everyone on and SAM knows that I'm a fan of this song :D. They know this is my lagu wajib because everytime I make my song request, I always request for this same song over and over again. In fact, this song has been my favorite since 10 years back. I never get bored listening to it and guess will always love this song till the end of my life...hehe. Why aaahh...there are some reasons for it actually.

Firstly, yeah I love the melody and the accompaniment...particularly the sound of the piano being played at the beginning and ending parts of the sounds very soothing to me. Secondly, no doubt I love the lyrics. It reflects deep love, happiness and appreciation someone has for her/his lover. Every word in the lyrics is expressed in such a meaningful, thoughful and loving way. And I especially love the expression of EILY itself because to me that's just how love between two hearts should be. Love should be felt, expressed and shared everyday, in every beat of the hearts.

Thirdly, this song means a lot to me, personally. The sentimental value of it just couldn't be replaced by any other song out there. The sweet memory of realizing that I'm loved by someone whom I can love back as much as the other person does is just fantastic. No wonder the writer of the lyrics said this'll never live until you love with all your heart and soul. And yes, real love should be lived with all your heart and soul. Loving someone half-heartedly brings you nowhere. It's pointless. Now, I'm not talking about feeling alone. It's about EVERYTHING you have. Guided by the right principle, you must be willing to give everything of you for the sake of your loved one. I know it's no easy to do this but loving with all our heart and soul in other words means self-sacrificing love. Instead of thinking what's the best for me, you choose to think what's the best for him/her first. Despite the fact that you really want to spend the rest of your life with him/her, you let him go any way, knowing that he has to go for his sake and not yours - that's self-sacrificing love. How pathetic to hear that many lovers especially young lovers today when threaten by the possibility of breaking-up, they usually use this abusive statement "I cannot live without you...I can't bear losing you, I'll surely die...etc" in order to make thier partner stay in the relationship. Maturedly speaking, to me that's not love at all. That is being selfish.

One more element of loving with all our heart and soul a.k.a self-sacrificing love is to always live life to the fullest, happily and hatred-free because you can't bear seeing your loved one gets hurt in knowing that you live a miserable life due to his/her faults or betrayal, due to separation, or whatsoever. Stop being a victim of self-pity. Stop blaming your lover for your misery. That's not love. That is being selfish!

Last but not least, never cease to love for love never fails. If you have been hurt, forgive. If you have to let your most beloved one go, do it because of love; self-sacrifcing love.

To all my friends: Happy Valentine's day in advance. Be happy and smile always. Love is a marvelous gift. Accept it. See it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste it with all your heart and soul! Really living!

p/s: When I say everyday I love you...I really mean it. I mean I love you EVERYDAY -I loved you yesterday, I love you today, shall continue to love you tomorrow, forever and always :D

Till we meet again...

Lots of love,
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My Special Tribute To Yb Anita Baranting

I didn't plan to write and publish this on the net at first but the unconditional love that has been lavished on me is just too much to keep that my heart is overflowed and thus can't stop myself from sharing it with you my friends because who knows it might positively inspire someone's else life in one way or another.

Let me begin with a brief reflection of the past first.


The first eight months were fantastic months for me. Those were the times when I laughed all the day long...was over the moon all the time. In short, it was indeed a blooming season for me.

Unfortunately, the last four months of the year turned drastically to the other way around. It was a "Months of Sorrow - full of tears and pain". Those months were marked with feeling of being betrayed, rejected and treated unfairly. Suddenly, the whole world around me seemed to be merciless. Grace was hardly found anywhere. The long forgotten feeling of unworthiness once again haunted me, scared me to death.

8th & 9th January 2010

Just when I feel I am worthless and of no value to anyone (except to my own family), God sent someone as loving as YB Anita to show me that He cares for me, He loves me unconditionally. Frankly speaking, I never met YB personally before. I may never have the chance to see her personally if not because she herself initiated the effort to come and visit me at home. Since she knew in prior that I was not in favor of too many visitors coming to see me at the same time, so she came alone (I said alone because she came without her bodyguard, PA nor secretary), only accompanied by her daughter-in-law. Without any formal protocol, it was indeed a truly friendly visit, a very humble approach. From that simple beginning, she ended up spending 1 day + 1 night time with me :D.

Just when I feel I am nothing but a burden to most people, YB made me feel truly important and special in one's eyes. She brought me to a special place to see a special individual for a special reason...hehe. Everything was special indeed. She gave me the best when I least deserved it. With her packed and heavy schedule as a 'wakil rakyat', she could still spare one specific time for me - I mean for me and me alone -, not for 1 or 2 hours only but for 1 day + 1 night...very impressive!

But above all....the most meaningful part of it was the love she expressed not by words but by her tender merciful action that touched every impulse of my heart...the concerned look, the sincere prayers, the loving touches, the comforting hugs, the sacrifice of her time, energy, $$$ and everything made me feel like a very special friend of, it's even deeper than that actually...frankly, it feels more like a mother-daughter kind of relationship. Honestly, deep down in my heart I didn't remember her treating me like a friend because I was actually treated like a beloved daughter of a caring and loving mother. No gap of position or rank, just unconditional love.

Those precious moments she willingly and happily spent with me, not by my request but out of her own initiative, made me feel really human, really living! That particular experience has somehow challenged my long distorted view of love between human beings and gratefully prompted me to look into a new different perspective of life –of the reality of an unconditional love. I must say the whole experience of being treated and loved in that way gives an amazing therapeutic effect on me. Thank you so much YB. I love you.

2010...I'm finally seeing there's a new ray of hope....a renewed hope in the All Merciful Creator.

Therefore my friend, treat others just as you want to be treated. Show some kindness to someone in need today and you'll be amazed just how much difference it can make to that person. God bless everyone.

Note: Pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat? No doubt...YES, SHE IS.