Monday, December 13, 2010 By: JMimie

Enjoy Your Holidays To The Fullest!

For most working individuals, holiday is always looked forward to. In fact, everybody loves holiday. We want holiday - not just holiday, but holiday + s as many as possible. It gives us rest and relief from our hectic schedules, provides time to get together with family members, can go jalan2/cuti2 Malaysia...the list goes on. Unfortunately, not all get the same quantity of holiday. Some even hardly get any. Teachers and students especially should be the most grateful ones because without the need to face the sometimes-very-fussy-boss/procedures of applying for a leave, what they desire is already granted. Like a gift receives from Santa Claus, November and December bring them a special gift of long holidays every year whom greatly envied by those belong to other professions. What a  privilege to have!

But to me, meaningful holiday has nothing to do with the number of holidays you have. In other words, it's not about how long or how short your holidays are but it's about how you spend the season. Sometimes, friends come to me and ask me "kau tidak boring (sepatutnya bored ba kan..:-) di rumah saja sepanjang masa ka Mie? ". Recently, my nieces who are now on school holidays came to me and complained "boring betul la cuti ni aunty...teda apa2 mau buat di rumah." Does anyone of you out there feel the same too? The first feeling of excitement for having long long vacation slowly fades away as there's nothing interesting things left to do now. You can only wait in hope that Christmas may come as soon as possible and the joy of it's celebration would soon override the 'boringness' you're feeling at the moment. Or worse still, you just live the day as it is without any expectation, anticipation, vision or plan for something better for the next few moments, days, months, years to come.

Honestly, every time when people ask me do I ever get bored being stuck at home all day long, I always get trapped in  between whether to answer yes or no. The problem is because my answer isn't a 'yes' as most people would expect to hear. The truth is this; I've always wanted to say a 'No, I don't. Never'  answer to the question but considering the arrogant tone of such  an extraordinary reply  so most times, I ended up giving the safest  response I can think of - "sometimes". Well, I wish I could be bold enough to tell the truth  for the sake of truth. Nothing else counts but the truth...hehe...

Okay, you may wonder how come I never get bored with my introverted life. Firstly, because I''ve already deleted the word of bored or anything similar from my life's dictionary since long time back. Therefore, it's influence on me has been ceasing ever since. Indeed, it has lost all it's sting and there's no way for it to harm me any longer. In short, bored (or whatever you call it) ) is a word and a  feeling  that seems like an alien to me now because it's been a long time since I last had it.

Secondly, because I have very interesting hobbies. I love learning very much. I love reading like crazy. I love writing a lot. I love giving motivational talk. I love giving counseling to friends too. I love so on and so point here is you must have a hobby/hobbies of your interests in order to live a wonderful life. Fill your boring days doing hobbies that you love doing. Enjoy doing them. Trust me I never get bored with my quiet life because every moment spent with my hobbies bring  me great contentment and satisfaction. Life is too short for me to live with boredom. In fact, I wish I had more than 24 hours a day so I could do more. Don't you?

Lastly, because I am a lady of vision and action. I have a few visions yet to achieve. I'm not going to reveal them here. No. Not yet. For now, it's enough to tell that to me no matter what happens along the journey of my life I never lose sight of my visions. These visions give me a strong sense of purpose and courage to live on. I also look at the ups and downs of life as adventurous and interesting  things to explore for learning. I anticipate each and every day as a mystery yet to experience, yet to unfold. Although I never know about tomorrows nor what will happen next the mystery of the unknown itself encourages me to strive all the more towards the goal of getting it unfolded. By having these ingredients mixed in my daily meals of life my appetite for an enthusiastic life increases. Hence, I'm bored-free

Friends, if you have been feeling bored for the last few days it's time to get rid of it. Start doing something interesting and worthwhile. Have a hobby. Have a vision. Have a purpose to live for. Learn something new. Invest your time and energy on it. Most of all, enjoy doing it. Let this holiday season become one of the most memorable times in your life not because of it's quantity but because of it's quality. Enjoy your holidays to the fullest with the highest quality of use you can best!

Have a blessed Christmas!