Wednesday, February 18, 2009 10 comments By: JMimie

Where Am I Heading To?

I've been thinking for these past few days...what is it actually I wanna do in my life? Where am I heading to? They keep bothering me and yet I have not taken much action on these questions though. All I do so far is just letting the time slips by and let loose of myself...joking here and there...oh yeah laugh a lot too of course and...uuh...really living?

Anyway...I did learn one thing for I understand better (at least according to my own judgment) what this statement means to me personally...

"I have had to learn, against my instincts, that what seems attractive and alluring may in fact prove destructive. I need outside help in determining what is truly good for me...evil is unspectacular and always human, and shares our bed and eats at our own table."

Well...I need to get some refreshment and remind myself to reorganize or perhaps I should say TAKE URGENT ACTION on my many many big due plans...hehe.

Note: Titingkadan po daton lumamas nono bo oi tongo kinoruangan...kadadapo bala, mangatag oku po kembagu iso blog dang kimaragang om rumamai nogi tokou silo...opidsalang siti monorita dang kalamas tu milom osimban om kasalu ot pongitungan do tulun nunu komoyoon ku monong 'really living'...hahaha
Saturday, February 14, 2009 9 comments By: JMimie

Happy Valentine's Day

"Taruhlah aku seperti meterai pada hatimu, seperti meterai pada lenganmu, karena cinta kuat seperti maut"

- Kidung Agung

Selamat Hari Kasih Sayang Semua..

Note: Happy Sabbath to all my Adventist friends around the globe!

Thursday, February 12, 2009 13 comments By: JMimie

25 Random Things About Me, Myself & I

Tadi bila saya buka facebook, ada mesej dari one of my close friends yang sama2 belajar di kolej dulu. Mesej itu bagitau dia kasi tagged saya dalam catatan note dia… tajuk note dia macam tajuk di atas... Pesan dalam note itu pula ialah…

“Once you have been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it because I want to know more about you”

OMG! Inilah assignment yang paling saya paning kapala mau buat.. hehe. Jangankan 25, 10 saja pun tidak pernah saya dapat kasi cukup. Bukan kerana tidak kenal diri sendiri tapi saya lebih suka kalau orang lain yang describe diri saya sebab deskripsi mereka lebih jujur dan baik untuk difikir2, malahan boleh menstimulasikan perubahan yang baik dalam diri sendiri.

Kawan2 semua... tulung ka... apa macam kamurang nampak saya? ... kalau dulu2 time sekolah menengah ramai yang cakap saya ini 'sumbung' la , arrogant la, dan semua yg seangkatan dengannya sebab saya terlalu sukar untuk didekati.. walaupun saya langsung tidak terniat untuk 'menyombongkan' diri.. tapi oleh kerana ramai yang cakap begitu.. so, saya menyimpulkan yang deskripsi mereka tentang diri saya pasti lebih tepat berbanding saya punya 'cakapan' sendiri... because of that.. i need your help here..

Sebagai permulaan...

1) Inspiring/motivating others is one of my neverending passions



uuuhhh... 24 more to go... HELP!

Bah kawan2... the stage is yours:)...

Note: Freda dear, let us write in BM here... hehe. TQ Fred for being a wonderful friend to me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009 7 comments By: JMimie

I Wonder Why...I Wonder How...

Of all people in the whole wide world, I wonder why we are so prone to hurt the one that we love most? Why do we easily get irritated and over sensitive when our loved ones make those little - usually too trivial to be pondered on - mistakes when we can manage a grin, although forcefully, to a visitor's kid that breaks our precious vase? We can even speak sweetly and considerately to a stranger but a bitter and painful remark to our beloved when in anger. Can we call this a type of hypocrisy? or perhaps this is just our human nature which is out of our control and thus we are helpless to change anything about it? Hemm...why and how ahh...

Note: "Whatever you want people to do for you, do the same for them"
Tuesday, February 3, 2009 14 comments By: JMimie

Att Mr. Illie: My Beloved Sister

Konnichiwa semua! Ehemm...ini bukan promosi ah...sekadar ingin mengongsikan beberapa keping gambar Sis Nanang yang sempat saya jumpa dalam gallery saya atas sebab memenuhi permintaan sdr. Illie yang ingin melihat wajah 'kawan lama' dia ini...Hehe...jgn mare Illie :). Inilah dia...taraaa...




P/S: sorry Illie...odiyomut oku po upload diti gmbar nisu'u nu...ongo rara'at iti gambar ti nga mogot po bo tu nokotunai ku ih it janji ku...hehe
Sunday, February 1, 2009 6 comments By: JMimie

Me, In The Middle of The Night :)

Let me take a ‘break’ from ‘the real me’ for a while and say something sappy gushy here…hahaha…sounds a bit weird and not like MIMIE at all but hey…I’m just a human who sometimes would emotionally falter and be possessed by a mixture of complicated emotions just like any other person. It’s impossible to be strong all the time. There are times when we have to accept the fact that we are indeed all weak and feeble. No more hiding. Just show the true colors of you because you are not alone. In fact, all of us more or less is not any differ with that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Two – or even more – conflicting desires, emotions and etc are always at war in us and claiming to appear on the surface. Which one would take the most part of us? YOU DECIDE. The power of choice is freely ALL yours. Hence, do appreciate that abundance of freedom given to us! But being appreciative also means being BRILLIANT and WISE in making a decision. Don’t let your unintelligent choice of today ruin the happiness of your tomorrow.

Owwh…what am I talking about here…things have not turned out the way that I have planned earlier. Hahaha…forget about those complicated emotions. Gone with the wind. One thing I’ve learned here, it’s not easy to simply take a ‘break’ and become someone else once you have formed certain habits and terms of behaving and presenting yourself in public. My passion is to inspire others and I couldn’t afford to contradict myself.

After all, the more I tried to be sincere and genuine to myself, the more I found that it’s just another better way to really living! Gud nite Malaysia.