Monday, January 11, 2010 6 comments By: JMimie

My Special Tribute To Yb Anita Baranting

I didn't plan to write and publish this on the net at first but the unconditional love that has been lavished on me is just too much to keep that my heart is overflowed and thus can't stop myself from sharing it with you my friends because who knows it might positively inspire someone's else life in one way or another.

Let me begin with a brief reflection of the past first.


The first eight months were fantastic months for me. Those were the times when I laughed all the day long...was over the moon all the time. In short, it was indeed a blooming season for me.

Unfortunately, the last four months of the year turned drastically to the other way around. It was a "Months of Sorrow - full of tears and pain". Those months were marked with feeling of being betrayed, rejected and treated unfairly. Suddenly, the whole world around me seemed to be merciless. Grace was hardly found anywhere. The long forgotten feeling of unworthiness once again haunted me, scared me to death.

8th & 9th January 2010

Just when I feel I am worthless and of no value to anyone (except to my own family), God sent someone as loving as YB Anita to show me that He cares for me, He loves me unconditionally. Frankly speaking, I never met YB personally before. I may never have the chance to see her personally if not because she herself initiated the effort to come and visit me at home. Since she knew in prior that I was not in favor of too many visitors coming to see me at the same time, so she came alone (I said alone because she came without her bodyguard, PA nor secretary), only accompanied by her daughter-in-law. Without any formal protocol, it was indeed a truly friendly visit, a very humble approach. From that simple beginning, she ended up spending 1 day + 1 night time with me :D.

Just when I feel I am nothing but a burden to most people, YB made me feel truly important and special in one's eyes. She brought me to a special place to see a special individual for a special reason...hehe. Everything was special indeed. She gave me the best when I least deserved it. With her packed and heavy schedule as a 'wakil rakyat', she could still spare one specific time for me - I mean for me and me alone -, not for 1 or 2 hours only but for 1 day + 1 night...very impressive!

But above all....the most meaningful part of it was the love she expressed not by words but by her tender merciful action that touched every impulse of my heart...the concerned look, the sincere prayers, the loving touches, the comforting hugs, the sacrifice of her time, energy, $$$ and everything made me feel like a very special friend of, it's even deeper than that actually...frankly, it feels more like a mother-daughter kind of relationship. Honestly, deep down in my heart I didn't remember her treating me like a friend because I was actually treated like a beloved daughter of a caring and loving mother. No gap of position or rank, just unconditional love.

Those precious moments she willingly and happily spent with me, not by my request but out of her own initiative, made me feel really human, really living! That particular experience has somehow challenged my long distorted view of love between human beings and gratefully prompted me to look into a new different perspective of life –of the reality of an unconditional love. I must say the whole experience of being treated and loved in that way gives an amazing therapeutic effect on me. Thank you so much YB. I love you.

2010...I'm finally seeing there's a new ray of hope....a renewed hope in the All Merciful Creator.

Therefore my friend, treat others just as you want to be treated. Show some kindness to someone in need today and you'll be amazed just how much difference it can make to that person. God bless everyone.

Note: Pemimpin yang berjiwa rakyat? No doubt...YES, SHE IS.