Wednesday, October 27, 2010 By: JMimie

Letting Go of the "If Onlys"

I have 4 different topics on my mind right now. One of them is "Thursday" which is at the top of my list but don't know why I ended up writing for this topic instead. Maybe because I myself need to unleash some hidden "if onlys" that I've ignorantly stored up within me for so long. Or maybe because my mood was sort of influenced by this friend of mine who is so pathetically living her life with so many regrets that she keeps on saying "if only..." about this and that, all the time. Constantly listening to her irrational wishes, I was like "come on babe, it's not the end of the world yet. Stop messing up your life! Forget the past, live your life in the present. Life is too short to live with if onlys...better die with dignity than go on living in misery!"

Nevertheless, down deep inside my heart I realize that I do, at times, echo similar nonsense wishes as well. Although I don't consider myself as a chronic if onlys victim, it's worth all my effort to remove even the slightest trace of unhealthy regrets out of my life. Because I believe our ability to move on in life depends greatly on our success in letting go of regrets.

Friends, do you find yourself constantly regretting things that you should have done but you hadn't or things that you shouldn't have done but you had? If you do, then don't just ignore it. Treat it as a crucial warning to change your destructive mindset. Release your grip on the unchangeable past mistakes. Just think of them as a part of your development process to be a better you. They were there for a purpose. And whatever they were, dare to believe that all things always work together for good.

Rise up above your regrets. Let go of the if onlys. Say goodbye to them now. Because you are destined for greatness!