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It's the MONTH OF LOVE again...as usual I always love February (and of course January too). These are the months when I normally feel more energetic, full of enthusiasm and hopeful. I don't know why exactly but I guess it has to do with the consciousness that I'm at the beginning of the year, at the beginning of something new and I'm just excited about it. Hopefully this positive spirit of mine will remain with me towards the end of the year.

Valentine's Day is just around the corner...a day to 'extra' love one another. And me, 2 or 3 days from now I'll be moving to somewhere and therefore will be away for maybe 2 or 3 weeks if not months, not sure yet. Until everything is ok and I get my broadband ready, I won't be seeing you guys for some time. So before I go off, I've decided to share my thoughts again on love between two hearts (II), a continuation of my previous entry, Love Between Two Hearts (I).

Everyday I Love You (EILY)...yes, you're right. It's a title of a song by Boyzone, released maybe somewhere between late 90s and early millenium...can't remember when exactly but not a new song on the block for sure. I think everyone on Utarafm.net and SAM knows that I'm a fan of this song :D. They know this is my lagu wajib because everytime I make my song request, I always request for this same song over and over again. In fact, this song has been my favorite since 10 years back. I never get bored listening to it and guess will always love this song till the end of my life...hehe. Why aaahh...there are some reasons for it actually.

Firstly, yeah I love the melody and the accompaniment...particularly the sound of the piano being played at the beginning and ending parts of the song...it sounds very soothing to me. Secondly, no doubt I love the lyrics. It reflects deep love, happiness and appreciation someone has for her/his lover. Every word in the lyrics is expressed in such a meaningful, thoughful and loving way. And I especially love the expression of EILY itself because to me that's just how love between two hearts should be. Love should be felt, expressed and shared everyday, in every beat of the hearts.

Thirdly, this song means a lot to me, personally. The sentimental value of it just couldn't be replaced by any other song out there. The sweet memory of realizing that I'm loved by someone whom I can love back as much as the other person does is just fantastic. No wonder the writer of the lyrics said this line...you'll never live until you love with all your heart and soul. And yes, real love should be lived with all your heart and soul. Loving someone half-heartedly brings you nowhere. It's pointless. Now, I'm not talking about feeling alone. It's about EVERYTHING you have. Guided by the right principle, you must be willing to give everything of you for the sake of your loved one. I know it's no easy to do this but loving with all our heart and soul in other words means self-sacrificing love. Instead of thinking what's the best for me, you choose to think what's the best for him/her first. Despite the fact that you really want to spend the rest of your life with him/her, you let him go any way, knowing that he has to go for his sake and not yours - that's self-sacrificing love. How pathetic to hear that many lovers especially young lovers today when threaten by the possibility of breaking-up, they usually use this abusive statement "I cannot live without you...I can't bear losing you, I'll surely die...etc" in order to make thier partner stay in the relationship. Maturedly speaking, to me that's not love at all. That is being selfish.

One more element of loving with all our heart and soul a.k.a self-sacrificing love is to always live life to the fullest, happily and hatred-free because you can't bear seeing your loved one gets hurt in knowing that you live a miserable life due to his/her faults or betrayal, due to separation, or whatsoever. Stop being a victim of self-pity. Stop blaming your lover for your misery. That's not love. That is being selfish!

Last but not least, never cease to love for love never fails. If you have been hurt, forgive. If you have to let your most beloved one go, do it because of love; self-sacrifcing love.

To all my friends: Happy Valentine's day in advance. Be happy and smile always. Love is a marvelous gift. Accept it. See it. Hear it. Smell it. Taste It...live it with all your heart and soul! Really living!

p/s: When I say everyday I love you...I really mean it. I mean I love you EVERYDAY -I loved you yesterday, I love you today, shall continue to love you tomorrow, forever and always :D

Till we meet again...

Lots of love,


IsOn said...

Love is life indeed... Take care Mimie. :)


woi...love kata dan rasa yang sungguh bermakna buat insan. Thks Jmimie posting yang baik ttg cinta."Dia dulu mencintai kita.."

Gbu Jmimie

rozie jumat said...

Cinta kepada insan, insan akan mudah berubah, Tetapi cinta kepada Tuhan, Dia tidak pernah berubah. Nice writing...