Wednesday, May 20, 2009 By: JMimie

Especially Dedicated To Sheera

Note: Kawan2 yang menanti2kan sambungan kisah hidup Part 4 saya, harap sabar menunggu. Oleh kerana kita masih lagi dalam mood Hari Guru jadi izinkan saya untuk menikmati mood ini dulu beberapa ketika. Catatan kali ini saya khaskan kepada sahabat baik saya, Miss Sheera. Kalau ada sesiapa yang kasaramai untuk sumantuk, komentar anda sentiasa dialu-alukan.

Dear Sheera,

How nice to remember our past time when we first entered our TESL matriculation some time back. Jom...down the memory lane for a while.

The time when I got the offer letter, I wasn't happy at all you know because I didn't like teaching profession in the first place. My childhood's dream was always wanted to be a doctor (kunun2 la...hahaha). But, knowing the fact that to reject the offer means not going anywhere, so I accepted it anyway. I came to PPP/ITM one week later when you all almost towards the end of the orientation's weeks.

Blue card VS pink card...can't recall it very well but most probably I chose the blue one. But, I remember it very well bila kita kena suruh buat our first public speaking by Miss Joanne...hey...sampai sekarang saya masih tertanya2, what on earth made sheera cry time buat PS tu?? hehehe...jangan mare...but her comment about my speech pun teruk tau..."don't sway your body too much while speaking!"...hahaha...mana tidak telampau guyang, takut dan barabis cari idea apa mau cakap bah tu. My tongue was so stiffed + dry and desperately in need of some lubricator at that time....huhuhu. Yeah, Magenta was our first class. After that, Burgundy, Explorer (I think yours were different after Magenta).

When did I begin to fall in love with teaching profession? To be honest, I can't recall the exact moment of such event took place in my mind. Guess, it was a slow process along the way of our varsity years and obviously our lecturers did the most part of influencing my mind to be one (must be the same to you too). Their dedication, their commitment and their stunning personalities (Ms. Marina, Ms. Joanne, Pn. Faizah, etc) have inspired me to want to pursue a position of a 'role model' to young mind like students. To me being a role model to students means to impress them to love knowledge, wisdom, virtues and anything that serves them good intellectually and ethically. Because of that, I know I need to be a teacher/an educator. Once I realized that, the passion to teach always burns within my heart:)

Today, even though I'm no longer directly involved in teaching at school but the spirit is always there and am still feel a part of the teaching community. One more thing, I believe that teaching is not limited within the classroom range only. We can always practice teaching and educating people's mind through lots of other mediums like internet, etc.

If you look at what you've achieved as a teacher so far and you still don't feel good enough, I would say you're on the very right track because that feel motivates us to want to learn more and more. People say "A good teacher is a good learner, likewise a good learner is a good teacher".

I love this line of yours....Always a teacher; to teach, to instruct and to inspire.

All the best to you teacher Sheera!

Lots of love,

Kota Marudu.


BeautifulSheera said...

I don't have any idea why i cried during our PS with Miss Joanne.
Whenever my kids (students) do their presentation, I always tell them this story. I was not perfect I said, I had to gone through hundreds of PS and stage performances (tiap2 semester ada TESL Talent Night, and TESLians punya fav, BERLAKON) to be what I am right now.
You still remember ka when we had to do our PS at TESL Square? Budak2 Engineering, Architecture, ADP, German were our audience. Though it was just a 3-mins PS, bergegar ba.. Microphone tgh2 hall. Gila betul!! But we all survived. :)

"A good teacher is a good learner and a good learner is a good teacher" - agree with this.

Thanks for this Mimie.. Very beautiful

JMimie said...

PS at TESL Square...phobia sya mo ingat tu sheera...itulah PS presentation yg paling 'membunuh' sya rasa dulu2. Luckily, kita tidak kena heart attack. Imagine itu audience would either give us a 'vuu' or a 'wow' feedback...but most of the time mimang the presenters kena 'vuuu'..ko nda kena vuu ka tu? of the famous line yg sya ingat ko selalu sebut time berlakon was "I'll chop chop chop you into pieces.." Did I recall it correctly?
Unfortunately, I didn't involve myself in drama & acting as much as you did time di uni dulu... paling jauh keterlibatan sya pun sekadar jadi MC during one of those talent nights. MC for Kemuncak Night of Enchanment kalau tdk silap..nda pula sya rasa bagagar time tu...haha

Remember our Micro & Macro Teaching with Ms Shireena? u n alfred selalu 'gaduh2' during MMT class..ahakss...MS S had to again n again remind us "grow up, people!"

ahhh...old stories..sampai bisuk pun nda habis ni kalau di recall semua...hehehe

Anyway, bila ingat2 balik sekarang macam siuk pula kan... but actually I'm so grateful for those 'uncomfortable' trainings because having gone through them has made me to who I am today.

BeautifulSheera said...

'Uncomfortable' trainings..ahaks..

Me & Alfred, those were the days Mimie. Bikin panas ba si Alfred! I still remember saying this to MS S in class, "It's weird to see guys wear pink to class! and he is one of them!". hahahaha..

I can't recall whether i get a 'vuu' or a 'wow'. It was like you said, 'a heart attack' for all of us. But one thing that i recall, after my speech, i got 3 admirers, architect, engineer and music students! wakakakka.. Don't worry, tidak jadi pun because all their letters saya koyak buang dalam tong sampah infront of them. Even waktu mo 'dating' pun saya tidak datang.

That 'chop2' thing, you recall it quite well. Yes, most famous line of the semester and everybody thought i could win the 'best actress' award that night. Funny oh..

Most of the time, it was the Sabahans yang selalunya jadi emcee for any TESL Talent Night activities. Sudah boleh nampak talent kali di sana.. and you were one of them.

Yup, all those 'uncomfortable' trainings made all of us stand strong in front of all people in our teaching line, I'm glad to be part of it...

JMimie said...

I'm glad to be part of it too. Thanks Sheera.

FL Feinier said...

:-1 Huhu... Sweet Memory can also make us feel sad... huh... I don’t know why, but, I still believe, everything happen with a reason… N Only GOD knew that… MGBU Sis…