Tuesday, April 28, 2009 By: JMimie

Will Be Back Soon..

Been very busy for the past few days up to this moment. Only have little time to surf some blogs but really no time to drop any comment there. I'm sorry friends. Will be back soon..hopefully.


sumandax said...

Sumandak, thanks for your comment. Your kampung is really lucky to have such a refreshing spot to chill out. Wow! But be careful, the waterfall may look nice, but very ganas also. Hehe, or is it me who's too clumsy to even stand up properly and swept down by the strong currents. Anyway, i love it. :) Hehe!

JMimie said...

hi sumandax...welcome to my blog...thanks for ur great comment abt my kampung's beautiful waterfall. senang2 dtg la selalu:-)