Thursday, November 4, 2010 By: JMimie

Peace Beyond Understanding

The past four days, I was flooded by words of sympathy + encouragement from thoughtful friends in relation to one big event happening in someone else's life. I understand why they did that to me. Intentionally to console me. Empathically to tell me that I am not alone. That they understand my pain. Even share my grief. And I really appreciate it. But only a few able to contemplate the truth when I said, "I'm not sad. I've forgiven and forgotten all the hurt been done to me. I'm happy for that someone's happiness." Some raised their brows showing doubts whether or not I really meant it. Their non-verbal message was telling me "I doubt your sincerity. You are being unrealistic. You're hiding your true feelings." Maybe yes, maybe no. But one thing for sure, I'm perfectly peaceful and joyful within because Someone Greater than I is my confidence, whom I put all my trust. It's a peace beyond understanding. It's a joy beyond comprehension. It's a faith beyond the obvious - the truth and reality that I am holding to.

Therefore, I find no reason to be sad.

To whom it may concern, please apologize me for being so silent and been invisible for some time. It's nothing to do with things that had happened between us. It's just because I need to silence all the voices around me so that I can hear that soft and small voice from above more clearly. I'd rather have that 'small voice' speaking to me than anything. May the Lord bless you bountifully as you begin your new journey of life. Congrats to both of you.

To all my friends, thank you for your concerns. God bless everyone.

From Mimie with love.


IsOn said...

Take good care sis Mimie. I believe you. ;)

JMimie said...

I believe u too bro Ison..hehe