Tuesday, March 10, 2009 By: JMimie

Be Optimistic

I just finished reading one of my close friends' entry about things fall apart (which as I've expected should be her genuine reaction after reading my 'Get Back Up' entry...betul ka apa yg sya cakap ni Sheera? hehe). Anyway, what I'm gonna write here is not totally a direct response to her writing but more like a general view of life according to my own experiences and perception of life.

These 3 life-issues that you are about to read are a very part and parcel of our lives. No exception. No compromise. Every living man has to face them.

1. Life is about making choices
Yes indeed. This is one of the many and earliest greatest gifts that God has bestowed upon us. Since the beginning of time, God gives us all the freedom to decide on our own our wants, likes and dislikes. But, having said that doesn't mean that we are left alone without moral guidelines. Following those guidelines is our uttermost obligation and the safest thing we can do in order to keep us detached from misery as a result of our unwise decisions. Some people make choices by relying on the basis of simply "following what their hearts want to do" only to find more confusion and lack of peacefulness in their hearts. Why? because, our hearts alone are deceitful in its nature and is not the most reliable guide to lead us through the decision-making process. We need an 'outside help' - something supernatural - that transcends our human understanding in order for us to make the right choice. And this means we are to have a submissive attitude towards our Creator because He knows our future the best. Our Creator's plan for each one of us is perfect.

2. Human beings always make mistakes
Definitely. No doubt about this. Be it small or big, we are so prone to make mistakes. It's just our undeniable fallen human nature. But one thing we have to keep in mind, JANGAN BIARKAN KETIDAKSEMPURNAAN KITA SEBAGAI ALASAN UNTUK MENJADI LEBIH TIDAK SEMPURNA LAGI...which means our sinful nature is not and NEVER an excuse for us to make more and more mistakes in life. However, if we look at it from a positive angle, I think mistakes and failures are not all that bad anyway. After all, our own trial and error experiences is the greatest and most powerful teacher that can help us to be a better mature person...hopefully.

3. Letting go; forgive and forget
Yup...it's not easy to do this but it's not that hard either. I've experienced this many times in my life. I've been hurt - extremely hurt - by a few persons over and over again. I've every reason and right to say "I hate that person deeply and it's almost appropriate for me to take revenge" but of course I didn't do that because I realize the destructive price of foolishness and selfishness in thinking and doing that. I myself am not perfect, just like my 'adversaries'....so, who am I to seek revenge for heartaches that someone has caused me when nobody could be a justifiable judge but the Almighty? Hence, the best thing for me to do is to find peacefulness through letting go and forgiving the ones who hurt me. Believe me, it's the most satisfying and amazingly rewarding thing we can do to ourselves (and also to the ones that hurt us I think) . But wait a minute....didn't I say forgive and forget? Hmmm...let's be realistic here, tell me frankly, would it be possible for us to forget our past mistakes, failures etc? anyone? How could we ever forget the dark and bitter chapters of our own lives - unless you are suffering from those amnesia or senility? How could I? I would say it would be completely impossible BUT we can choose to and by the grace of God, we will learn something new altogether. As the time goes by we will learn to see that forgetting our past mistake is not an act of deleting the unwanted events/moments or whatsoever from our mental CPUs rather it's an act of accepting our own weaknesses and be thankful that through those 'bad' experiences we become a better mature person...hopefully:) Then only we will be able to forget the pain and the hurt brought by our unwanted experiences but not the experience itself.

Above all, let's face life with an optimistic attitude because pain is inevitable but misery is optional.


BeautifulSheera said...

Very strong indeed.

#1)Yup, ur right. Following what our heart wants to - leads to more confusion and lack of peacefulness.

#2)Life is about trial and error, true. But how many mistakes we would like to go through in life just to get the right destination? Another excuse kan Mimie?

#3)Yup, hard to forget and perhaps we will never forget. But, as time goes by, it heals itself. We both know how true this is.

Well, im not sure if all these has made us become more matured. Wait, What is maturity by the way? How do we measure them?

As what i see it, i become more calm and more relax when obstacles come to my way. I smile when i see danger zone in front. I settle things in a very calm way and it puzzles everyone to how i do it.

Guess all that life miserable experiences has made me more justified and more prepared nowadays. I bet it goes well for you too.

ison said...

Pertaining to this article, I totally agree with you Mimie. No objections and have nothing more to add. It just how do we apply it in our respective life that make the difference.

Well, I do agree if we may say maturity is a very subjective thing, but in some ways is still measurable, though not with numbers. Subjevtive things best measured subjectively.

For example, things that we worried so much previously, but now we are more relax when we face them is just an indication that we've attained some degree of maturity.

I would say, there's no end road for maturity. It goes on in life as time goes by. Only 3 things can stop them. 1. Our ignorance, 2. Mental/brain sickness, and of course the third one is when we 'kiawau sakup' (died).

Note: Mimie, mokimaap po'posting' oku nogi dit komoyoon ku silod KW. Kopoongo ku mongijos. ;)

JMimie Mabin said...

TQ...u right, making trial-error/mistake as a 'must' in order to get to the right(wrong?) destination is just another smart excuse for people to feel comfortable in committing more n more mistakes. But it is not so for those who are really sincerely into questing the right destination. To them, mistake is not to be taken for granted. It is a stepping stone towards yet awaiting greater success in front. By hook or by crook, right destination is their final stopping spot.

Maturity?...I copy n paste Ison's statement 'maturity is a very subjective thing'. It is subjective in a sense that it cannot be measured by quantity but can with quality. Again, quality is also a very subjective thing but let us put it in numeric form. For instance, let's measure the quality of our patience/calmness by numbers. In a scale of 1-10, how much do we think we have progressed towards 10 through those past-present years? there must be some changes, right? nahh...itu ertinya our level of maturity pun da upgrade...unless we are progressing backward but I PRAY NOT;)

Mogoron said...

Nunu ot borosonku siti,

1. It mula sid kobotungan, sera orikot ot mongomot, tumorobong noh i mama sid tisop dot parai mari. 'Tongo ot maan nuh dino' kangku om simbar di mama, 'momili oku dit aakang ot rawo maan torodoko kembagu' kah. 'Nokuro' kangku, simbar di mama, 'osompipi noh iti parai om aso kagawul dot parai wokon' kah. Inonoh, koporoluan i ot momili. Oruol boh ot momili dino, nga ong amu momili okon ko gisom opokorualan noh, asaadan poh dino.

2. Ong amu tokow insan kasadu, komoyoon aso nensid-insid oboh dino. Miirad dit gitik id saaw dot watang.

3. Kangku yoku mari ki, iri noh ot landu asanong, ong kobulun manaak dot pongompunan. Ogumu ot panakit olingos sid koyuwan tokow ong agama tokow irad keno.

Mokimaap dit amu kaarati dot Kimaragang.