Thursday, January 15, 2009 By: JMimie

Really Living

What makes life interesting and worth to live? What inspires you to want to continue living? As long as we find ourselves still crawling on this earth, we have no choice but one…go on with living no matter how hard or miserable life seems to offer us (unless you choose to end up your lives on your own…but please don’t). But again, what’s the meaning of living without feeling and sensing any passion in it? Everything under the sun is meaningless says the wise man…if so, is there any exception to this? Anything can help us to REALLY LIVING?

That’s why I’m using this title and name for my blog because I am a person who wants to really living and hopefully will be able to inspire others to live life to the fullest, though I myself is still in the process of learning, understanding and applying the real meaning of really living. Together we strive for the best!

Blogging is altogether a new thing to me. I mean having a personal blog – my OWN (?) blog – had never been my utmost interest. I was just not into it – at least until recently. Not until one of my close friends “kempen2” me unceasingly to create one. I said yes to him half-heartedly…didn’t know and never imagined before that now I’m finally in LOVE with this blogging stuff…hehe (thanks my friend). Right now, I’m even tempted to create a few more blogs like what my cousin Ison did and also Sanguru, just to have a more variety and well-managed of ways in expressing my thoughts in 3 different languages – namely my mother tongue Kimaragang, English, and BM. Bukan macam sekarang ni rojak2 dlm satu blog tapi okay juga bah kann…hehe. Harap2 ada semangat mau bikin ni…mungkin juga…because I’m just in love with this new exciting thing!

People say…Without a passion in life, there is no spark…so, as things are changing all around us at rapid speeds, keep one eye on the part of it that you love. THAT part, despite whatever isn’t perfect, will keep your hopes alive; your moods right and give you faith and energy to work on the things that are not yet how you would like them. And it all starts with a passion.

Right passion in the right thing, I think it’s just a better way to really living!


Umar al-Longobi said...

Do what you love. Love what you do. And... deliver more than you promise. Good luck Ms. Really Living!

Little Mike said...

If you already know what your passion is, just pursue it.

All you need is- to have a reason to live, to enjoy it, to have something you look forward to doing. Throw some passion and start living.

AIRMAS said...

hi! wud like to share - my motto he he bukan ajinomoto tau...."Live and Let Live".

JMimie Mabin said...

Thanks friends! let's start living..I mean really living today and onwards!

JMimie Mabin said...


Thanks for visiting my blog plus sharing such a good motto..kunjungan seterusnya sgt dialu-alukan.

Little Mike said...

saya teringat lagu Gun 'n' Roses 'live and let die'.. jadi porak poranda peminatnya.. hehe

ada ka mesej ini yg dia sampaikan dalam lagu. Harap2 masyarakat kita tidak mengambil semua apa yg penyanyi barat laung-laungkan..

eu said...

hello from brazil!
i loved your text.
now im completely lost, i got now idea about what makes me desire to live. i´ve been married for 2 years, and now i dotn know if we still love each other.
i got to find other passions in life from now on.

JMimie Mabin said...


Thanks for visiting my blog all the way from brazil!

I understand ur situation right now but just remember that..despite whatever isn't perfect, we still can find and do something rewarding and satisfying to the soul if we choose to be. And that 'something' of course must be something acceptable in the sight of the LORD. All the best! God bless.