Tuesday, January 18, 2011 By: JMimie

Eat Pray Love

According to my 2011 planning chart, this year gonna be very busy days for me. I got at least two big projects need to be done commencing next week onwards, not to mention some 'clients' that are waiting in line for some wise counsels (I'm talking about their expectation of me) from me as well as new books hoped to be touched and read by me and bla bla bla...huhu. Well of course I enjoy doing all those assignments or rather hobbies I should say but it also means less and less and less time left for blogging, facebooking whatsoever. Therefore, to all my faithful readers please bear with my inability to update my post as frequent as you wished it to be. I can promise you nothing but this - I'll try my best to accommodate your wish:-)

Eat Pray Love? It's actually a book authored by Elizabeth Gilbert. I got it from my best friend as a birthday gift last week. I've just finished reading the first few pages, still long way to go to get to the last page of the book. So far I find it very entertaining (so funny indeed that it can make me LOL like crazy while reading it...hahaha), amazing, insightful and adventurous narration of one's pursuit of pleasure, devotion and balance between the two in three different beautiful places namely Italy, India and Indonesia. I'm with her in Italy now. A place where you can encounter sweet expressions like bel far niente, means "the beauty of doing nothing" (highly recommended to workaholics only, I suppose),  l' arte d' arrangiarsi - the art of making something out of nothing (highly recommended to sluggard or maybe jobless group...just my opinion though), etc. I love this quotation also..."Better to live a life of single-pointed focus"...if you got two items/desires clashing against one another, you are destined for unhappiness it says (I'm paraphrasing it)...I bet I know the reality of this philosophy very well. Trying to live a life of double-pointed focus to me is the same as living without focus at all. In the end, you'll end up accomplishing nothing or worse still living with full of regrets for the rest of your life. Anyone disagree? But what about the benefits of living harmoniously amid extremes? could we somehow synchronize seemingly nonparallel opposites into a worldview that excludes nothing? What do you think?

Well...that's it for today...will be back as soon as I get to India :-)


Anonymous said...

'...the art of making something out of nothing?..' hehe that sounds like me most of the time, a daydreamer. Hopefully, one day my dreams will come true... hehehe

JMimie said...

same here...I share the same tendency as well, a daydreamer hehe..anyway I've heard or maybe read somewhere before a saying goes something like this "u've got to be able to dream first before u can achieve ur dream because the ability to dream is the beginning of creativity"...daydreaming is not all bad after all, it only enhances our creativity..so moral of the story don't give up dreaming..keep dreaming hahaha

IsOn said...

Hehe... just read this article today. Nice book you're reading sis. thanks for the sharing. :)