Wednesday, February 16, 2011 By: JMimie

Hope In The Midst Of a Chaotic World

We are living in a very chaotic world today. It's an undeniable fact. Frightening news of crisis of all types - political crisis, economic crisis, mental crisis, health crisis, social crisis just to name a few - are very prevalent and getting worse these days. Although the intensity and types of turmoil may vary  from one place (or country) to another place, we all share a common corrupted and sinful world. No matter how much we want to avoid crisis and its effects, none can escape from getting affected by  them either directly or indirectly, in one way or another notwithstanding the geographical boundary. Whether we want it or not we are trapped in  a very messed up world! 

Such being the case, we - all the earthlings - can't help but become fearful, discouraged and depressed. These are normal and acceptable reactions but not to be taken for granted. What seems to be normal in the beginning may, in the long run, turn into a greater disaster when left untreated. Take last week's local news for instance, two cases of 'self-induced death' or better known as committing suicide in Serdang and Malacca are enough to warn us the horrible result of depression. According to the report, a 35-year-old mother jumped to her death from the 10th floor after murdering her 5-year-old daughter by throwing her from the fourth floor earlier. Why? Because of depression. Meanwhile a Form 5 student in Malacca also did the same thing by jumping to her death in front of horrified teachers and schoolmates. Why? No specific reason mentioned but I assume most likely due to depression because logically thinking I don't think a hopeful person would ever attempt to take his/her own life. Only a hopeless person  who dare to be coward enough would commit such  a crime. In fact, while typing this entry there's a funeral going on in my village at this very hour. One of my neighbors (a 38-year-old father) had chosen to poison himself to death, leaving 8 young kids behind and an ex-wife who has left him for another man two years prior to the incident .  Feeling betrayed and  unfairly dumped, he had been in great depression ever since until last weekend he decided to end his own life. What a sad and tragic ending for creatures who were created after the image of God! Had they remained hopeful and faithful things would have been different for them.

Friends, it's true that this old earth is not an easy and safe world to live in but soon and very soon all the chaos that has turned our world upside down will pass away. No matter how dark things look or how huge your problems are at the moment, never ever lose hope. There's hope in God.  He knows His plans for your life. Our loving God plans to prosper you and me, not to harm us. He longs to give us a hope and a future. Be strong and take courage. Put your trust in Him because you are destined to be more than a conqueror! Don't lose faith, don't lose hope because hope keeps you alive and sustains you in times of crisis. Wait till the darkness is won't be long. Keep hoping for the best. God bless everyone.


Isabel said...

great motivation..we need that! Thanks for these kind words of motivation to not give up and lose hope! God bless!=)

JMimie said...

You're welcome my friend:D..all the best to u and take care.

Anonymous said...

u really touch my heart,I feel what u feel. My thoughts n prayers are always with you, Mimie. God Bless you my dear....Rgds,
Aunty enampulohan :)

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