Wednesday, September 9, 2009 By: JMimie

Happiness is....?

Many people crave for a happy life. In fact, all living homosapiens either consciously or non-consciously has indeed been living for the quest of the one and only, the 9-letters word called HAPPINESS. Unfortunately, many –or perhaps I should say mostly – people has failed in finding the way to real happiness. Why? Simply because they have failed in choosing the right path that would lead to the right destination in the first place. Many turn to money, health, wealth, friends, music, job and even relationship for happiness but finally ending up in frustration when struck by reality that those things can make them happy (extremely happy at times), but can’t give true fulfillment. Money and wealth can’t love you back. Health decreases in quality as the years slip by. Friends can’t give you hope. Love can go sour and bitter. Music and job are pretty impersonal, in the long run.

So, what is happiness then? Different person has different view on what happiness is. What is your personal definition of happiness?


ison said...

To me, as I always believe it; happiness is when you have joy in your heart, peace in your mind, and restoration in your soul.

XiGorX said...

happiness is when you wake up in the morning and you're still breathing...really Living....

Gaaman said...

menyedari naungan dan penyertaanNya bersama kita SETIAP saat..

Umar al-Longobi said...

Happiness is when God bless our lives. :-)

JMimie said...

Happiness for me are;

i) having beautiful children to kiss everyday, playing and listening to their giggling laugh - they always give me very warm loving feeling inside me

ii) tons of books to accompany me when everybody is busy looking for wealth and fame

iii) watching my favourite movies with people that matter to me

iv) putting on my apron, singing and humming songs in the kitchen (thou I'm not actually an expert in preparing dishes, cleaning etc. The whole idea of Stepford Housewives always turn my mood ON.)

v) obeying my mom and dad (thou sometimes this is very hard to do)

vi) appreciating all close friends, students and the love of my life. At least I know, I have been there once, even if I was just one very small character in their life - just another chapter in their life.

vii) and last.. being able to always have time to talk with God and perhaps one day a pilgrimage to Mekkah (Insya'Allah)

p.s: As time goes by, People change, Priorities change - so does one's view on what HAPPINESS is.

For the time being, what has been written above is what Happiness means to me Mimie. God bless you Always.

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MindaGuru said...

Mimie,saya gunakan istilah sukacita (damai sejahtera) sebab ia merujuk pada hati dan jiwa manusia. Mungkin diluar ada kekacauan, kekurangan, ada cabaran tetapi orang itu masih ada damai sebab dia tahu Tuhan ada bersamanya.

Kalau kegembiraan ia dipengaruhi oleh faktor luaran dan kebendaan namun damai sejahtera itu berkaitan dengan hubungan peribadi kita dengan sang Pencipta.

JMimie said...

Thanks friends for your great comments!

P/S: XiGorX...ko ba pula ni Mesh :p

Cynical Girl said...
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Cynical Girl said...

100% complete happiness for me is something that is not achievable, because when it is achieved, then what is the point of living anymore? You've got nothing else to achieve. That's why everytime after we are happy about something, we always look for something else, we want to achieve higher, better, different things. That's just how men are created, in order them to keep on striving in life and create development to himself or to the people around, happiness need to be made just "partly" so that people never stop growing.