Wednesday, September 16, 2009 By: JMimie

Being A Bookworm Again!

Nothing much to write this week. Not because I'm running out of ideas....not exactly for sure. It just that I'm having my most enjoyable time with something that I've forsaken for quite a long time, so couldn't get rid of it for the time being. You must be guessing what is it actually I'm up to...hehe...something very special of course. Well, getting myself back acquainted to my long forgotten passion was not that difficult as I had predicted it earlier. In fact, reading has always been my all-time favorite hobby since childhood up to now. But due to many constraints, I almost lost the passion of really reading for these past few months. Being over occupied with other commitments made me to put reading off for a long time, which I really regret it by now.

Thank goodness, I've found my way, it's time to be on silent mode again. Sometimes we need to be still in order to be refilled and refueled before we can go on to the next level of life's journey. Before I can share anything more valuable here and on my other blogs, let me polish my sense of 'hearing' and thinking through reading first.

Come go with me to the world of books!

....was thinking of writing an entry with similiar topic but different content on SAM tapi...hmmm...bisuk2 sajalah...:)


ison said...

Ba, mangai no Mimie. :)

Gaaman said...

Ngam la tu Mimie, nanti kongsi2 ilmu tu ya

JMimie said...

Nantikan kemunculanku Ison & Gaaman..belum habis bertapa lagi ni...haha

MindaGuru said...

Bah Mimie, kalau sampai masanya jangan simpan kio..