Tuesday, December 15, 2009 By: JMimie

Love Between Two Hearts (I)

Thanks be to God, I'm able to be back...at last.

Maaf kepada sahabat2 yang selalu berkunjung ke sini tetapi disambut dengan kesunyian dan rumah yang kosong. Dalam lama saya berdiam, rupa-rupanya masih ramai yang tetap memberikan sokongan dan menanti-nantikan 'kepulangan'ku. Masih ramai yang sayang pula ni...hehe. Thanks my friends.

Bagi yang tertanya-tanya ke mana menghilangnya Mimie...don't worry. I'm still here and still alive :D. Walaupun last few entries saya dulu mungkin berbunyi sedih dan tertekan tetapi itu bukan alasan untuk saya berputus asa. Walaupun agak lama dalam retreat mode tetapi one thing I can assure you all, "I'm bad at giving up". Darah perjuangan yang mengalir dalam tubuh tidak mungkin berhenti selagi bernyawa. Hidup memang tidak semestinya mudah setiap saat tetapi kekuatan untuk menghadapi kesukaran juga tidak kurang hebatnya tersedia bagi mereka yang mencarinya dari Sumber yang tepat. Maksudnya, tidak ada sesiapa pun di dunia akan dapat dikalahkan oleh cabaran jika kita belajar untuk melihat cabaran itu dari perspektif yang lebih besar daripada cabaran itu sendiri. Cabaran hanyalah satu platform untuk kita lebih mengenal kelemahan kita dan bangkit bangun kepada tingkat kehidupan yang lebih tinggi, lebih baik dari sebelumnya. But with one condition, NEVER GIVE UP...berehat seketika jika perlu tapi jangan berhenti berjuang.

Adess...panjang lebar pula mukadimah saya...actually as the title above implied, this entry is meant to speak about love (yang pernah saya pending sebelum ini). Sebelum diteruskan, minta maaf kalau pembaca2 terganggu dengan bahasa campur2 saya kali ini sebab memang 'rujak' bahasa yang ada dalam otak saya sekarang...huhuhu.

Love between two hearts (man and woman only)...hmmm...what am I supposed to say about this? Since this entry is written a few days before my special friend's wedding day, I hope she can accept this as my online wish and gift for her wedding for she knows I couldn't make it to her big day which am totally upset with. Hopefully and pray-fully everything will be fine and blessed on that day.

To me, to love and being loved is one of the greatest wonderful experiences human beings have ever been privileged with. The ecstasy of feelings that love can bring is unique and can't be found anywhere unless you're in love. No wonder people came up with those sayings "tidur tak lena, makan tak kenyang, mandi tak basah"...and weirdly enough, it's literally true...hahaha. If anyone is right now experiencing or about to experience this enigma...I advise you, enjoy the moment to the fullest because it won't stay that way forever. In real world, true love doesn't always appear as easy as the tale famous line "they live happily ever after". When the first passion and excitement has faded away, real life with real challenges will take place. In this sense, love becomes a blend of laughter and cries which undoubtedly not easy to go through unless we are truly committed to each other. There must be a right balance between these two souls. Both should have an equal sense of desire and effort to make the relationship lasts till the end. Yes, disagreements may occur along the way, and the more we fight the more we see the faults, imperfectness, and all the not-so-smooth surface of our partner's character but I guess that's just how real love should be. To be fully committed to a partner means to learn to accept his/her imperfectness because you want to regardless of what negative messages your feeling is shouting inside you. Again, it's never easy to do this but it's well worth the risk.

To be in love never means no more cries. There are times when loving truly brought pain and heartache. That's a normal reaction of our wounded ego. When trapped under this terrible spell, I guess there's no other better way to be out of it than to keep silence and take time to see the whole issue from a calmer and clearer minded, detached from emotional influence. Spend some time in prayer. By doing this, I personally think we'll be given the power to humble our wounded ego. Then only we'll realize that peace of mind begins with forgiveness. It's not about how much pain our partner causes us due to unfulfilled/broken promises, etc, but it's about how much and how many times are we willing to forgive each time after being hurt. 70X7 times? Think about it :D

Nanti saya sambung...penat menaip...hehe


IsOn said...

What more can I say.. you've written it out clear and thoughtfully. That '70x7 times' to me simply means 'forgive without cease'. Take care and GBU sis. :)

Mogoron said...

Mimie, 70 X 7 kali = pengampunan yang sempurna, tetapi manusia sangat suka kepada nilai. Teruskan penulisan yang memakmurkan.

sumandak lanun said...

THank you so much for sharing about LOVE between 2 ppl. I think it is beautiful on how you describe it Mimie. That is exactly how a relationship should be...Anyways, I hope you don't mind sharing your opinion on this with my friend :) this is so meaningful and it needs to be shared to my love wrecked friend.

sumandak lanun said...

sy copy and paste your words on love okay? hope you dont mind * dont worry, acknowledgment will be given. siou

JMimie said...

Sumandak Lanun,

Permission is granted. I hope it can help your friend...tell her that it never easy for me myself to learn and apply all those truths abt love especially in the beginning.I've failed enough to realize that for sure, until finally I came up to these two conclusions:

1)Every solution for any problem begins with humility - meaning to say I need to humble my ownself first (by the grace of God) so that I can forgive the hurt others have done on me - then only, I can see the way out clearly and wisely.

2)Even though I want to solve every problem, I lose every battle I fight without God. So, don't fight your battle alone. Ask God to fight it with/for you.

All the best.

**Next entry on the same topic will be coming soon. stay tune :)

All the best.

JMimie said...

Bro Ison,

I agree with you...forgiveness has no limit, no end and no expiry. Forgiveness is a miracle of love..thanks.

Bro Mogoron,

Inipun saya setuju juga..nombor 7 selalunya dikaitkan dengan kesempurnaan...pengampunan yang sempurna...amat menarik dan indah sekali bunyinya. TQ.

MindaGuru said...

Hi..Jmimie seperti yang lain saya berbangga mengenalimu (walaupun hanya melalui blog) dan membaca tulisanmu..sangat praktikal dan memberi inspirasi.Mengampuni..mengampuni..danterus mengampuni.

JMimie said...

Terima kasih MindaGuru...saya pun suka membaca tulisan2 sdra...sentiasa membangun dan padat dgn nasihat2 yg amat berguna utk kehidupan. Teruskan mendidik minda anak bangsa melalui penulisan sdra. God bless.