Thursday, July 9, 2009 By: JMimie

I Lost My Appetite...

I lost my appetite these past few days...I mean appetite for blogging. Maybe this is a silent warning for me to get myself away from this virtual world for a while. Being surrounded by lots of nonsense and cheap stuffs enough to make me feel sick and fed up. Overdose of unhealthy thought supplements. Like bro Ison said....ogumu sinupot everywhere.

I need a peaceful break. Time to do total self-detoxification or else these things shall jeopardize the whole course of my life. Till then, see you and take care everyone.


FL Feinier said...

Hye Sis.. haha..

I tot u were saying that u los ur appetite, concern of food.. Merely by looking ur title prior to read the whole context, I was thinking to suggest u eat "Jeruk Bambangan", to make u more appetite..

But, then, i was dissapoint coz it is relate with ur appetite to blog.. haha.. take care...

JMimie said...

Hehe bro FL Feinier...thanks for your concern.

So far I got 3 caring friends prescribing me to take these appetizers:

umar - Tuhau
Tulunbunou - Bitamin super power
FL Feinier - Jeruk bambangan

mana yg mujarab ni ahh...haha.

ison said...
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ison said...

Sometimes we need time to commune with our inner-self. The many forces in our brain need to be stabilized occasionally. All the best to you dear sister. You got it right.

Just a matter of fact. During my long absence, I was truly reminded to and by many things. I got to be myself, as I conclude it. :I

JMimie said...'re right bro. TQ for ur comment. I'm still on 'vacation mood'...will be back as soon as I regain my lost passion back.